Consider add "AliPay" or "WeChat Pay" to LINQPad purchase options?

AliPay or WeChat Pay is very famous purchase option in China, maybe of my colleague/.NET lover in China is eager to try LINQPad, but they don't have visa card or PayPal.

Wondering is it possible to give a option to AliPay or WeChat, Surely it is a very good news to Chinese .NET lovers :)

AliPay global url:
WeChat pay url:


  • It's on the TODO list. It's a fair bit of work, because it requires a rewrite of the payment integration system to use a different API.

    An interesting consequence of AliPay is that I would have to charge Alipay customers in Australian dollars, because LINQPad is based in Australia. Do you think this would put off Chinese customers?
  • Cool! glad to hear it's on the TODO list, hope it will switch to in progress status soon.

    I think it's absolutely fine to use AUD instead of USD, I believe AliPay will handle it correctly, I have bought something in another website using AliPay AUD:)
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