Option for treating (specific) warnings as errors

If would be useful both in LINQPad 5 and in LINQPad 6 to have an option to treat warnings as errors.

The reason why I would find it very handy is the introduction of the "nullable reference types" feature in C# 8.0. Since the misuses of nullable/non-nullable reference types only generate warnings and not errors, these kind of nullable misuses could hide in a longer LINQPad script (since we do not have any errors/warnings window in LINQPad; which also might solve the problem). And let's be honest: these nullable related warnings would have been designed (in C# 8.0 language specification) to be errors in the first place, if backward compatibility was not an issue for large projects.

It would be even better if we could specify which warnings should be treated as errors. This way we could turn specifically the nullable related warnings into errors, and other no-so-important warnings could remain warnings.
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