LINQPad 6 picked up lowest version available when nuget depedency is a open range

edited November 2019
There is a NuGet package "aliyun-net-sdk-alidns", the current version of it is 2.0.11:

It's "Newtonsoft.Json" dependency version range is "(, 12.0.2]" (maybe their mistake/fault, since their previous version is fixed to 12.0.2)

What LINQPad 6.4.4 picked up is: Newtonsoft.Json 3.5.8! This is no wrong, but not reasonable, and obviously Newtonsoft.Json 3.5.8 is not support .NET Core.

I think LINQPad should pick up the latest available version, in this case, version should been picked is: 12.0.2, or at least just pick up a .NET Core supported version :)


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