MyExtensions has stopped working

I have noticed that changes that I make to MyExtensions do not take effect.
I have also noticed that in my PlugIns folder, I have a file MyExtensions.FW40.dll, next to the .linq file of a similar name, which has not been updated since 4 Dec 2012, despite a current modification date on the .linq file.
Has something changed that has stopped changes to the MyExtensions .linq file from being compiled into that DLL and seen by the rest of the system?

Thanky you!


  • Have you checked that the MyExtensions.FW40.dll is not readonly?
    What happens when you try to write code within the main() method of MyExtensions and press F5? Does it execute?
  • Thank you for your help.

    Yes, I have verified that the DLL is not read-only. I have also deleted the DLL, and it does not get re-written.

    However, as I went to investigate your Main() question, that fixed the problem! I did not previously have any code in Main(). Once I put code there, it wrote the DLL when I pressed F5. Now that the updated DLL was written, all my scripts can see the updated code in MyExtensions.


    Excellent - thank you!
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