Unable to call types from assembly in LinqPad (6, x64)


I am new to the tool, but excited to use it actively. However, when I try to load a custom data type (mass spectrometry data) through an assembly, I get a nullreference exception. The assembly only works for x64 platforms, this is a known issue. but it does work in visual studio provided I set my build target to x64.

ThermoRawFile rawfile = new ThermoRawFile();
//nullref error thrown here.
rawfile.SetCurrentController(ThermoRawFile.CONTROLLER_MS, 1);

The same code works perfectly fine in visual studio... I am able to load other classes from other assemblies without issues as well.

Any suggestions? if need be I could privately share the DLL files.


  • Problem was solved after installing the x64 version of linqpad 5! However, I am still unable to actually read any files in... working on it, I am using LINQvsBridge which might help if I include the source code into my project

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