autocompletion stops working

Unfortunately the auto completion is very unreliable. After some minutes it stops working and from that moment on autocompletion shows just the kind of snippets you can see below. I need to restart the program to get auto completion working again. But as it only works for a few minutes it's quite annoying. Any idea how to solve this? My machine has lots of memory so that's not the problem.


  • Does it happen with just one query? And if so, can you share your query? (File | Upload to Instant Share)

  • edited January 2020

    Unfortunately it happens all the time, no matter what script I'm trying to edit. During the last days I used an older Setup I still had on my HDD (5.36.03) which seemed to be more reliable in regards to autocompletion. But after 1.5 hours of working it stopped working correctly again as the newer versions did. But with 1.5 vs. few minutes hours it's at least possible to work. After restarting the IDE it's just fine again.

  • This is very peculiar. Can you PM me your license details, so I can check that there's no issue with that?

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