Autorun my scripts

Hi, all.
Is it possible to run some of my scripts automatically? I liked "Interactive Regex Evaluator" and it runs automatically. And in addition, it would be nice to have the ability to hide script editor as it did in Regex Evaluator.


  • If you press Ctrl+comma to navigate to a query, Ctrl+Enter will open and run it, and Shift+Ctrl+Enter will also hide the editor (press the extensor arrow on the OK button to see the options).

  • Thank you, Joe. Done very well. It very good for developers.
    For the future (feature request) I suggest one.
    if this doesn't break any of your specific rules and interests.
    User story: somebody wants to use script that I provided as a reporting tool.
    He wants double click at the file, provide his creds and see all running with hidden development tools.
    In this case, not only developers can use this cool tool.

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