Query XML File

Sorry if this has already been discussed. I could not find anything or I am just blind ;-)
Basically, I want to be able to take a xml type file and do queries against it.
So far I have not found a way to do this.


  • From the FAQ:


    Can I query XML data sources as well as SQL tables?

    Certainly. There are built-in samples in LINQPad - go to the 'Samples' tab and expand 'C# in a Nutshell', Chapter 10.

  • Ok, I know I could spend a bunch of time and read through all of that and understand it. But in kind of a time crunch for this particular project.
    In some code I wrote I created a class using XSD from an xml file I need to deal with (nessus scan files).
    With that class I serialize from the xml file to the in memory class and I can go throughout the class and extract the data I need. But I have to do this in code and it takes time to figure what I need. I was hoping I could do something similar in LinqPad and play with different queries. Similar to the online Regex websites. Can this be done?

  • Well duh, just realized that what I want to do I am not dealing with xml but an in-memory class. So could I use LinqPad to serialize a xml file into a class and then play with the in-memory class?

  • Well yes you can use LINQPad to perform LINQ to Objects queries, but take a look at example Chapter 10 / Navigating and Querying / Querying Elements.

    For your purpose you could replace var bench = new XElement() ... with var bench = XElement.Load(@"C:\Temp\file.xml");

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