OOM + 32-bit LINQPad - should suggest/link 64-bit LINQPad ?

After accidentally running the 32-bit version instead of the 64-bit version of LINQPad while running a query I knew would take a lot of local memory, it made me wish that for OOM exception and 32-bit LINQPad, perhaps the yellow exception area (or some other piece of UI) could include a link to the matching 64-bit version (for people that might be running it and not know there *is* a 64-bit version)?

Unrelated, but my 'AnyCPU' 64-bit version of v4.43.05 never told me about an update, despite having it explicitly check. I tried to capture the check with fiddler, but nothing ever showed up - not sure if that means the call was failing to happen, or it just uses a mechanism that bypasses fiddler or similar http proxies. I didn't think to explicitly set the proxy in LINQPad's settings to point to fiddler until after I had already upgraded to v4.43.06 :-/


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