Remove underscores and capitalize next letter not working for Oracle Connection in LP6 ( LP4 ok )

The "Remove underscores and capitalize next letter" is not being honored in LinqPad 6.

Oracle Table Name:


Linqpad4 is naming the Entity "WorkflowHistories"

Linqpad6 is naming the Entity "Workflow_histories". << Here is the error.

I have the options unchanged from the default (in LP6).

"Pluralize DbSet and child navigation properties" (CHECKED)
"Convert ALL-CAPS identifiers to Pascal case" (CHECKED)
"Capitalize first letter of property names" (CHECKED)
"Remove underscores and capitalize next letter" (CHECKED) <<< Not working
"Order columns alphabetically" (UNchecked)

LP6 version 6.7.5 (x64)

Connection Details
Provider = Oracle
Version = "Latest (2.19.30)"
EF Core Version = 2.24


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