Faker.net can no longer find resources

Upgraded Linqpad and now Faker.net can't find it's resources. Entering the simple expression:



"Could not find the resource "Faker.Resources.Address.resources" among the resources "Faker.Net.Resources.Address.resources", ..."

There used to be some sort of thing in preferences about shadowing which was supposed to fix this sort of thing I think but it's no longer there.

Darrell Plank


  • I can't reproduce this error. Which version of LINQPad are you running?

  • Ah - sorry to get back so late. I am currently running 6.8.3. I think maybe they changed this from a property to a method so I didn't have parens on. Just revisited it, put parens on and it works. Of course if I take them off I don't get the error message I first reported so I am unable to repro either. I guess we just have to claim a moral victory and move on. Thanks for looking into it! So appreciative of how attentive you are to questions on this board.

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