Install path of LINQPad nuget manager

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I try to create some tool for LINQPad,but i don't know where is the Install path of LINQPad nuget manager.

What i've tried :

If i add Dapper nuget and run LINQPad then I search the temp folder of dll and there's only LINQPadQuery.dll


Is the path like below ?

C:\Users\‵UserName‵.nuget\packages`Package Name`


  • By default, LINQPad works like a Visual Studio 2019 library project in this regard: only the output DLL is copied to the output folder, and NuGet dependencies are picked up on the fly from the NuGet folders.

    You can ask LINQPad to copy all dependencies to the output folder by ticking the checkbox in Query Properties > Advanced.

    There's also a button on the Query Properties dialog "Export all DLLs to folder". This will create a temporary folder containing all the dependencies and then open the folder in Windows Explorer.

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