Is it possible to initially collapse output from Util.Dif?

The output is collapsible, but is initially expanded.


var names1 = new string[] { "Tom", "Dick", "Harry" };
var names2 = new string[] { "Tom", "Dick" };

names1.Dump("Names1", 0); // Initially collapsed
names2.Dump("Names2", 0); // Initially collapsed

Util.Dif(names1, names2).Dump("Differences", 0); // Initially expanded

I have also tried

 Util.Dif(names1, names2).Dump("Differences", collapseTo:0);

but again this is initially expanded.

Is it possibly to get it initially collapsed?


  • It should be possible to make collapseTo:0 work - I'll look into getting this fixed in the next build. Most other dump options are out of bounds, though, because the metaobject graph has already been generated by Util.Dif.

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