Nuget caching issue?

While developing a nuget package and deploying new versions to NuGet I'm occasionally seeing this issue (LinqPAD 6.8.3):

This issue does clear eventually (5-10 minutes probably).
However I don't get this issue using Visual Studio. It sees the updated package as soon as I get the confirmation email from NuGet.

I have tried 'Remove from Query', 'Delete package from LinqPAD's cache', deleting any older versions from the NuGet package cache and restarting LinqPAD with no luck.


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    I've experienced this condition once, but was unable to reproduce it. I got as far as discovering that the NuGet source was returning inconsistent metadata (i.e., it wasn't due to a caching issue within LINQPad), but I was unable to diagnose it further because the problem cleared up a few minutes later. Next time I deploy a package I'll try downloading it right after the upload and see whether it happens again (although it probably won't).

  • Ok, it's pretty consistent for me, but not a real problem now I know it will clear itself after a few minutes.

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