[Feature Request] Duplicate current code line in the editor.

First of all, Thanks for LinqPad it is great tool, I've been using for many years!

One thing I always missed though ....
Would it be possible to have a shortcut that will duplicate the current line in the editor.
Or even better the current selection?
I know I can go at the beginning of the line and press Ctrl+C then Ctrl+V, but that messes up the Clipboard as well as have extra keystrokes ( :smile: ).
Perhaps a Ctrl+D can be re-assigned? I see it's being used for Database selected in Schema, but that feature has Shift+Ctrl+D.


  • I would also love a shortcut key for duplicating the current line or selection. In VS2019 I stole Ctrl+D for that because I do it so often. I think that key is already assigned in LINQPad, but please consider letting us steal the key again or perhaps assigning it to some other shortcut.

    And thanks from me too, LINQPad is a corker.

  • Good point - Ctrl+D is stolen anyway in vi mode. I'll add this to LINQPad 7 before it goes RTM - hopefully no-one will complain!

  • πŸ‘ for adding this to LINQPad 7.

    I've just noticed something that would be extra helpful: when you have multiple lines selected, it should duplicate all of the selected lines - rather than only the line that the cursor is currently on.

    I'm used to the "duplicate line(s)" command working this way from Sublime Text, VSCode and VS2022.

  • edited December 2021

    πŸ‘ yes, very useful. Thank you.

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