Latest .NET Core 5.0's System.Half not exists in LINQPad6?

The following document described very latest type System.Half in .NET Core

When install the latest .NET Core version(currently 5.0.100-preview.8.20363.2)

LINQPad 6 can startup successfully and identified it's running on .NET Core 5.0 preview 8, and it's ILSpy reported there is System.Half object exists in the System.Private.CoreLib( assembly:

But looks like currently it's not usable in LINQPad6.9.15:


  • LINQPad is relying on the Microsoft.NETCore.app.ref package for netcore5 reference assemblies, which has been released only up to preview6. I'll get a fix out soon that will also probe the SDK, as it does with netcore3.

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