Snippet sub-folders and overrides

My Snippet folder has Visual Basic and Visual C# sub-folders but snippets placed in them don't work. I don't think I created them - are they legacy?

Is it possible to put more than one language in a snippet by manually editing it? Will autocompletion ignore snippets created for a different language?

I thought I remembered I could override existing autocompletion templates with snippets but I can't seem to override foreach?


  • The language-specific subfolders are supposed to work - I'll get this fixed. They're useful in that they allow you to use the same shortcuts to create different snippets for different languages.

    You should be able to override built-in snippets by creating a snippet with the same shortcut. If you've created the snippet manually, ensure that the shortcut defined in the tag matches the name of the snippet.

  • My override of foreach seems to be working now - moving it around (trying the sub-folders)/restarting LINQPad didn't help so I am not sure what made it work.

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