Shortcut key toggling MyExtensions

I often use LINQPad for StackOverflow answers. It would be nice if there was a shortcut key to toggle My Extensions on / off so I can more easily copy into the answer exactly the additional extension methods I need.

(It would be even nicer to have an option to turn off My Extensions and bring in the methods to make a self-contained query :smile: .)


  • That's a good idea and easy to implement.

    Regarding making the query self-contained, that's much harder :) It would need to perform linker-style static analysis to determine a graph of methods and type dependencies.

  • Thanks for the shortcut key.

    I'd take an 80/20 rule. Doesn't the code for F12 that finds the method being referenced in My Extensions to show you the definition already have a database of references to My Extensions it uses?

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