can you target a .net core version in LinqPad 6?

I understand that LinqPad targets the latest installed framework on my system. So I have netcoreapp3.1 installed, and my queries currently utilize the features of that version. However I am limited to the features in netcoreapp2.2/netstandard20, and thus would like to run my LinqPad code on netcoreapp2.2. Is it possible to configure this in LinqPad?


  • LINQPad cannot run your queries on .NET Core 2.x because the supporting runtime needs features that are present only from .NET Core 3. (In the future, you will be able to choose a runtime for query execution, but the choices will be limited to .NET Core 3 and .NET 5.)

    However, it may be possible - at least in theory - for LINQPad to allow your query to use the .NET Standard 2.0 or 2.1 reference assemblies so that your query is restricted to consuming the features of .NET Standard, while the underlying runtime can still run on the latest .NET Core. I'll look into whether this can be an option when I complete .NET 5 support.

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