Driver assembly targets .NET Framework. Your driver assembly must target .NET Core 3

edited August 2020

OK, I have the newest LinqPad6 licensed edition which uses .net-core 3. That is great, except for one thing: most of the DB drivers don't work anymore giving the above (quite clear) answer. Am I missing a list of updated drivers or a "switch" somewhere, or do I have to just install 2 versions of LinqPad?


  • You'll need to keep running LINQPad 5 if you need a driver that's not supported in LINQPad 6. However, the most popular drivers have LINQPad 6 equivalents. In place of the IQ Driver, there's is now a built-in EF Core driver which supports Postgres, as well as SQL Server, Oracle, SQLite and MySQL. The LINQ-to-DB driver has been ported to LINQPad 6, as has the Azure Storage driver.

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