Cannot add Assembly Reference in LinqPad v6 x64

It used to be so intuitive in v5, press F4 and then add namespaces and add .NET assembly references. In v6 it is broken, I press F4 and can add a namespace but I need to add an assembly reference and that seems not to be possible. I pressed the Browse button but it does NOT list the .NET assemblies, instead it takes me to my queries folder.


  • Apparently the updated System.Management that doesn't produce the error is only available in NUGET and for that a Premium version is needed.

  • With .NET Core all of the Framework's assemblies are referenced automatically, which is why you don't see that option in LINQPad 6. Visual Studio works in the same way.

    Regarding the NuGet reference, if you don't have a paid license, there are a couple of options. The first is to edit the .linq file to add the NuGet reference. After saving the query, pressing Ctrl+K, O will open the query in Windows Explorer. Then edit the .linq file in notepad - you can add a reference as follows:

    <Query Kind="Statements">

    The other is to download the package using the NuGet command-line, then reference the assembly either from where you downloaded it, or the NuGet cache:


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