Multiple datasources in one query to compare Dynamics 365 and Daynamics NAV data


I am currently facing the need to access Dynamics 365 online and Dynamics NAV to compare data in both systems. Instead of using PowerBI, I would prefer more of a code-driven solution, so I tried LinqPad.
My idea was to fetch the data from both systems, run a comparison method and dump whatever needs to be dumped.
Unfortunately I am struggling with this approach, as it looks like I can not use multiple connections to unrelated systems in one query.

Any ideas, how to solve this? Perhaps export to csv and use that in another query?




  • I tend to use json rather than csv as I quite often ended up having issues with commas, quotation marks, carriage returns when importing/exporting via csv.

    I don't know exactly what these connections are, but if the latter is just a connection to a SQL database, and you have a Linq2SQL or EF model (or can create one), then you can perform queries in code by creating your own connection to the database, just as if you were writing in Visual Studio.

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