vi emulator: Ability to Disable Shift+Enter leaving Insert Mode

Maybe I'm alone in this, but when writing a method in C# I have a habit of doing the following:

1) I write my scope and other keywords
2) I write my method name
3) I hold shift and write an open parenthesis for method parameters
4) I write my parameters
5) I hold down shift and write a closing parenthesis for method parameters
6) I continue holding down shift and press enter to move to the next line
7) I continue holding down shift and write an opening brace for my method

Maybe this is a bad habit to have, but it seems like the most efficient way to write the opening brace when defining my method. You can see the issue on (6) above. By continuing to hold down shift and pressing enter, I am leaving insert mode. Thus preventing me from writing my opening brace, or really continuing to write code in any capacity.

I love using vi mode in my various editors, and would appreciate the ability to disable Shift+Enter as a mechanism for leaving Insert Mode, thanks!

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