How to use Linqpad with TFM net5.0-windows10.0.19041.0

I originally had a .NET Core 3.1 console application using the <PackageReference Include="Microsoft.Windows.SDK.Contracts" Version="10.0.19041.1" />. After upgrading to .NET 5, I no longer can reference this NuGet package and these packages are not going to be needed going forward and I can pull them in directly by changing the TFM from standard net5.0 to net5.0-windows10.0.19041.0. This worked for me in Visual Studio 2019 and the application now compiles and I can access the library correctly. However I now have a bug and really would like to ability to reproduce and use LinqPad as I did previously however now it seems that is not possible because inside LinqPad, I cannot change the <TargetFramework> as I do in the .csproj with <TargetFramework>net5.0-windows10.0.19041.0</TargetFramework>.

Will this be something added later on, or does anyone know a way I can do this?


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