LINQPad 6 Error


I was using LINQPad 5 and with AWS NuGet package and it was working.

Same script - when upgraded to LINQPad 6...

Amazon.EC2.Model.DescribeInstancesResponse describeInstancesResponse = ec2Client.DescribeInstances();

In above line DescribeInstances() is not coming in IntelliSense. (attached image)

Geting this message : CS1061 'IAmazonEC2' does not contain a definition for 'DescribeInstances' and no accessible extension method 'DescribeInstances' accepting a first argument of type 'IAmazonEC2' could be found (press F4 to add an assembly reference or import a namespace)


  • With LINQPad 6, you will be using the .NET Core version of using Amazon's library, instead of the .NET Framework version with LINQPad 5. The .NET Core version doesn't expose a synchronous version of the DescribeInstances method, so you must call the asynchronous version instead:


    Note that this will return a Task, so you must either await the result or use the .Result property to access the result synchronously:

    var response = ec2Client.DescribeInstancesAsync().Result

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    Thank you.

    Please close this issue or let me know how to close it.

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