Extending Dump() function?

Is it possible to extend the Dump() function so that we can provide something like collapsed = true to decide per Dump() call if the result should be initially collapsed or not?

I have a few scripts where I'd like to monitor some lists, but I don't want to see them always. So displaying them collapsed by default would be the simplest solution.

Is it something that is tweakable by the users or is it something the core functionalities must provide?


  • You can specify the recursion depth when calling Dump, but it isn't possible to tell it to render and then initially collapse.

    You can also control the expansion level for all tables at once after the query has executed with the options on the Format menu (Alt+1, Alt+2, Alt+3, etc).

    It's also possible to write your own renderer in 'My Extensions'. It can work either by calling Util.RawHtml or dump a WPF/Windows Forms control which will be displayed.
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