Errors CS1519 and CS0106; Linqpad compiler is targeting a pre-C#6.0 version??

I'm trying to refactor some Framework 4.7.2 code that actually works in VS 2019, but is too coupled.

After copy and paste to Linqpad 5 I'm seeing a lot of errors CS1519 (Invalid token '=' in class, struct, or interface member declaration) and CS0106 (the new modifier is not valid for this item). In Linqpad 6 I have exactly the same errors.

The constructor that first error line refers is:

Trying to figure out why, both SO and MSDN suggest that the compiler or MSBuild are targeting a pre-C#6.0 version.

The Framework version installed in both machines, both tested with Linqpad 5 and 6, is 4.7.2.

Any thoughts?


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