Error Testing Cutom EF Core Connection

Hi Everyone.
I m trying to connect through my context dll on EF Core 3.1 .
My constructor is
public TriangleConnectContext(DbContextOptions options)
: base(options)


Set Path to custom assembly to my bin dll generated.
Set full type Name dbContext to TriangleWS.Data.TriangleConnectContext

Set My provider to 'Microsoft.EntityFrameworkCore.SqlServer'

My connection string : Server=(local);database=TriangleConnect;Integrated Security=True;Persist Security Info=True;MultipleActiveResultSets=true;Application Name=TriangleWS.Connect

And when i test :
"Error Testing Custom EF Core Connection : Cannot resolve 'Microsoft.EnityFrameworkCore.SqlServer.Dll'

Any Idea ???


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