How can I get the current HTML of the Results tab?

Is there any way to get the current html of the Results tab?


  • I found a hack where I put everything that I Dump in an "outer" div. I can then access the InnerHtml of that div.

  • You can also use Util.ToHtmlString to invoke the Dump pipeline on one or more objects (or Util.CreateXHtmlWriter).

    People have asked for the ability to access the HTML of the results tab in the past, so that they can programmatically export data for reports. The difficulty is a simple Util.GetResultsHtml() method wouldn't work if the query was called via LPRun, because LPRun streams the results to stdout. It would require a more complex solution, such as a begin/end capture mechanism, but then it doesn't help that much over Util.ToHtmlString or Util.CreateXHtmlWriter.

  • Can't you just just expose these functions in the PanelManager API:

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