Configure custom ProcessServer directory

Hi, is there a way to configure a custom location for the ProcessServer directory? We're using the xcopy version but still unable to run exe's from the C:\Program Files\LINQPad6\ProcessServer directory due to corporate security. We do have a custom folder where we are allowed to run exe's from. It would be great if this could be configured in LINQPad.


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    Are you sure it's running it from C:\Program Files?

    It should be running it from %localappdata%\LINQPad{linqpad version}\ProcessServer{runtime version}-x64\

  • Yes, applocker blocks running of exe's on the entire system for non-admins. Only exe's allowed to run are the ones that are signed by admins. I saw in the forum there's a workaround to create the folder ProcessServer where LINQPad6.exe is located with the xcopy version which is what I've done but it seems exe's are created dynamically after installation which is once again blocked within our environment. However, developers have a custom folder where they are allowed to run their compilations. This is the folder I would like to configure in LINQPad.

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