VS Code Notebook API

VS Code has a new Notebook API that might be interesting for implementing a LINQPad notebook. You could have code, markdown, and output cells as usual, but add in Dump() and other LINQPad features. Worth a thought?


  • Within VS Code, I see LINQPad features as "visualizers" in a notebook. So for a .NET interactive kernel, it would be great to have some of those features available.

    I would rather see LINQPad implement a version of notebooks. I often write scripts with the intent to share with others to simply run. And with notebooks, could make that all much more user friendly.

  • @JeffMercado - I had also thought about the idea of notebooks within LINQPad. I love that idea! It would be interesting to be able to evaluate LINQPad queries in cells/steps so that you don't have to rerun the entire query. I also share scripts with others and you're right, a notebook style interface would make that much easier.

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