LinqPad5 keeps adding an import after every line of code I add.

After every line of code I add to a script, linqpad automatically adds 'Microsoft.ServiceBus.Messaging' to the 'Additional Namespace Imports.

When I try to run the c# program, i get the exception:

CS0234The type or namespace name 'ServiceBus' does not exist in the namespace 'Microsoft'.

I have to remove the import, and the code runs again.

MyExtensions did (in the past) used this namespace, but I removed the NuGet package, and all related code from MyExtensions. Also I reinstalled LinqPad, but this did not do the job.

Also manually removed the MyExtensions dll, pdb and xml files (leaving the .linq file).

How do I fix this?


After change:

Additional References:

Namespace Imports (after adding one like of code):

MyExtensions Additional References:

MyExtensions Imports:


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