EF Core6 DbContextConnection

Trying to use LinqPad to gain some insight to the data operations in my application. I have followed the Joe's instructions. When I navigate to the application DLL (there's only one), and click to load it, I get an error message as follows:

(Hope that shows!)

Then, when I try to enter the full type name of the DbContext I get an error that the context does not exist in the assembly. Using dotNet Peek, I can plainly see that the context is present:

Not sure what's going on here, but I obviously can't make the connection. Does anybody have suggestions?



  • In the path to custom assembly, choose the DLL in the bin folder, not the obj folder.

  • Thank you, but there is no bin folder. In VS 16.9.6, I created a class library to contain my db, db access, and db services. It builds fine with. As you can see from the dotPeek screen cap, the dll contains exactly the item that LinqPad is complaining about.

    I wanted to use LinqPad6 to query my database service, WorkerService.cs, before I start writing a bunch of controllers and views against faulty code in the service.

    Thanks again.

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