Cannot Add Connection to EF Core 5.02 DBContext

Hi there,
I’m having trouble adding a connection to an EF Core DBContext using LinqPad 6.13.13
My DBContext is built with EF core 5.02 and I have successfully used it in a query after manually referencing DLLs and wiring it up with a DbContextOitonsBuilder. However, when I try to use “Add Connection” to view it in the Schema Explorer, as soon as I select “Path to Custom Assembly” I get a null reference exception.
Nothing appears in AppData\Local\LINQPad\Logs.LINQPad6\log.txt
And ideas?


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    Can you give a screenshot of the error? Does it give you an option to report it?

  • Here's the screenshot. No, no option offered to report it.

    I tried rebuilding with EF Core 5.06 and it didn't make any difference. If I build a context using EF Core Tools' reverse engineering I can add that Ok.

    P.S. While you're there... I have your C# 8 book. Just wanted to say it's great and very readable, which in my experience is pretty rare for a book about a programing language!

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