DragText can bloat query context menu

edited June 14


CsvLINQPadDriver allows querying over multiple CSV files via SelectMany. For doing this ExplorerItem with explorerItemKind: ExplorerItemKind.QueryableObject and IsEnumerable = true is created (code) which allows to show query context menu.

Query context menu uses ExplorerItem.DragText property, which in this case has the following text (code):

new []
}.SelectMany(_ => _)

And it looks like:

Query context menu


  1. Install latest CsvLINQPadDriver.
  2. Add files from ZIP attached.
  3. Call context menu as shown above.

Actual Result

Context menu gets unusable when file count is large.

Expected Result

Each context menu item occupies one line, e.g. new [] { Authors,.....Take(100), etc.

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