How Can I Update ILSpy

I have the latest release of LinqPad but the version of ILSpy that's baked into it is v6.2. The newest version of ILSpy, however, is v7.1. Is there anyway to tell LinqPad to update ILSpy to the latest version?


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    When I'm using LinqPad 7 (v7.8.10) it always opens its private copy of ILSpy 7.2, which is now rather outdated and often gives me incorrect disassembly results compared to ILSpy 8.x - having to open a separate instance of ILSpy 8.x and manually copy+paste over the assembly paths is tedious.

    (I know LinqPad 8 ships with ILSpy 8.x, but I need to use LinqPad 7 because I need to work with .NET Core 3.1 and .NET 5.0 assemblies, which LinqPad 8 doesn't officially support).

    Can we get a configurable option to specify the path to ILSpy.exe instead? I see that the path to ILSpy 7.2 is hardcoded in LINQPad.UI.Interop.ILSpyAgent::ProgramFolder which is disappointing to see.

    I'd like to have the same option in LinqPad 5 too, as having to target .NET Framework 4.8 remains a fact-of-life for many of us.

  • Try updating the files in %localappdata%\linqpad\ILSpy7.2. You might need to make the new files read-only to ensure that they don't get overwritten.

  • Regarding .NET 3.1 and 5 assemblies, LINQPad 8 does support these (with the caveats listed in the release notes).

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