Rendering issues in LP6?

Does anyone else experience massive amounts of artifacting in LP6's code rendering that were not present in LP5? I've taken a couple of mini-recordings to demonstrate what I mean, but in words (for search, I guess), there is a ton of letter ghosting on scrolling; as soon as you release the mouse, however, it goes back to good. Dragging text (which I do a lot) causes the cursor's caret to be ghosted in its potential resting place until finally released. That last part seems to happen less when keywords are colored, if that means anything. I also have been really curious about the massive flicker that happens when hovering over or clicking on query tabs, and while that happens in LP5 as well (and probably 4 too, but it's been a minute), it certainly doesn't seem to happen as often in LP5, at least in my side-by-side-ish comparison (work PC on LP5, home PC now LP6).



Are there settings/switches/experimental versions that I can use to get it back in shape? Thanks much for your time and attention.


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