Dependencies of custom visualizers

Per https://www.linqpad.net/CustomVisualizers.aspx, it is possible to create a custom visualizer DLL, deploy it to the LINQPad plugins folder, and call an appropriate extension method to dump the visualizer contents.

However, if I want to include dependencies, the page says:

Copy the DLL and any dependencies into LINQPad's plugins folder

If I have multiple visualizers with the same dependency but different versions, how can I avoid overwriting one version in favor of the other?


  • This isn't going to work if your visualizers have incompatible dependencies. Rather than putting them into the plugins folder, create a query that contains the code and dependencies for each visualizer, and import them as required using #load:

    Tip: After you're typed #load "(My Visualizer)" , right click the line and choose 'Create code snippet'. This will let you create a shortcut to paste in the text in a few keystrokes.

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