How can I use CodeFirstStoreFunctions in LinqPad 5?

edited July 13

I have a DbContext in a .NET Framework 4.8 project that uses CodeFirstStoreFunctions ( https://www.nuget.org/packages/EntityFramework.CodeFirstStoreFunctions/ ).

My DbContext has members like this:

[System.Data.Entity.DbFunction("MyDbContext", "SearchFoobar")]
[CodeFirstStoreFunctions.DbFunctionDetails(DatabaseSchema = "dbo")]
public IQueryable<SearchFoobarResult> SearchFoobar(string terms)
    var termsParam = new System.Data.Entity.Core.Objects.ObjectParameter("terms", typeof(string)) { Value = (object)terms };

    return this.ObjectContext.CreateQuery<SearchFoobarResult>("[MyDbContext].[SearchFoobarResult](@terms)", termsParam);

This works fine when used from a "normal" .NET console or ASP.NET project.

However when I try to use it when the DbContext is loaded directly into LinqPad 5 I get this exception:

'MyDbContext.SearchFoobar' cannot be resolved into a valid type or function. Near member access expression, line 1, column 15.

I've verified that my OnModelCreating is called when in LinqPad (that's the method that adds modelBuilder.Conventions.Add(new CodeFirstStoreFunctions.FunctionsConvention<KbDbContext>("dbo"));) and my Linqpad file has a package-reference to EntityFramework.CodeFirstStoreFunctions as well.

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