Bug? Code-completion uses superfluous fully-qualified type-name for generic type parameter arguments

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If I use Linqpad 6's code-completion to complete a variable declaration of a generic-type it won't simplify the type's generic parameter's type-names.

For example:

  1. Open a new Linqpad 6 query. I'm using Linqpad 6.14.10 x64 with .NET 5 right now.
  2. Be in "C# Statement(s)" or "C# program" mode.
  3. Right-click > Namespace Imports, ensure System, System.Collections.Generic, and System.IO is in the list.
  4. Type in Dictionary<String,FileInfo> dict = new
  5. Right after typing new the completion list appears with Dictionary<string, System.IO.FileInfo> preselected.
  6. Pressing [Tab] will cause "Dictionary<string, System.IO.FileInfo>()" to be inserted.
    • I expected Dictionary<String,FileInfo>() to be inserted instead. There are 3 differences from actual behaviour from what I expected:
    1. string was inserted instead of String (though Linqpad does not currently have a setting to specify C# keywords or actual type-names, but I wish it would at least preserve my left-hand declaration type verbatim).
    2. It added a space after the comma (again, there's no option to control this, but my preference is to not have spaces between generic type parameters in most cases).
    3. And the main bug/issue: it inserted System.IO.FileInfo even though System.IO is in the list of imported namespaces.

Screenshot proof:


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    I agree with the FileInfo instead of System.IO.FileInfo, but I think other 2 point is Ok, since it's also a existing behavior in Visual Studio:

  • Perhaps it would be best to remove that code completion, given that its actually now redundant:

    Dictionary<String,FileInfo> dict = new();    // From C# 9
  • Hey @JoeAlbahari , although the C# 9 new() is workable for this example, but I found another bug when deal with internal types, let's say this code:

    // Note: namespace `ExternalNs` is imported
    void Main()
    void DoWork(External.Colors color)
    namespace ExternalNs
        public class External
            public enum Colors
                Red, Black, White

    Cursor at right of DoWork(, hit Ctrl+Space trigger intellisense, the namespace ExternalNs will shown:

    Please also aware that for those non-internal-types, this bug will not shown.

  • @sdflysha said:
    I agree with the FileInfo instead of System.IO.FileInfo, but I think other 2 point is Ok, since it's also a existing behavior in Visual Studio:

    Indeed, it is - but VS is wrong in this case because my .editorconfig settings are set-up to always use actual type-names instead of C# keywords (e.g. String and Int32 instead of string and int), and VS gets it right most of the time but not all the time, and tab-completing an auto-suggested generic-type constructor is one of the few edge cases still not respecting my .editorconfig.

    So I'm "okay" with Linqpad using C# keywords - but only because Linqpad doesn't have an option for it - as soon as LinqPad does start respecting .editorconfig or at least having an option for it then it should use type-names and not keywords when tab-completing generic type parameters for suggested constructors.

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