Slows to a Crawl/Unresponsive Over Time

I'm not sure if it's due to the number of #load statements I have, or whatnot (don't have time to test), but LINQPad v6.14.10 (x64) starts off fine, and after a few minutes (can be just a couple of minutes, or >= 10 minutes) the editor starts to really slow down and after a few more keystrokes/lines, it hangs for >= 10s (can take over a minute on rare occasions, but eventually, it does respond until the next keystroke or 2).

I have 15 #load statements at the top of most files, but being that the editor is fine for at least a few minutes (and averages even longer) before it starts to slow to a crawl, I'm not quite sure it's the # of loads nor the contents of them.

Anyone else have/having this issue?


  • I forgot to mention that I've tried Cancel and Reset All Queries along with Trigger Garbage Collection actions (in that order and the reverse) but it does absolutely nothing to help. The workaround I have been using is to Exit and Shelve Changes and then re-launching LINQPad in order for it to start working fast again, albeit only temporarily.

    I do have both a single user license, registered to me (when I am developing for my own use and logged into my own account), and a multi-user license (when I'm developing and logged into my work domain account). This occurs on both my pc at home as well as my workstation at work (both running Windows 10 [x64] with way more than enough RAM and CPU power (quad-core and octa-core processors).

  • Does this happen only when you have many #load directives, or is it unrelated?

    And if it's related, is your query C# Statements or C# Program?

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