LINQPad - Slow UI Performance when getting focus


I do a lot of ALT-Tabbing and swapping between windows while using LINQPad. I've noticed that even if absolutely nothing changes, just leaving the LINQPad window focus and coming back again incurs a 1-2 second delay. I'm not sure what it's doing, but it's a little annoying to click into the window and start typing, and see your text appear a couple seconds later. Any way this could be improved?

~ mellamokb


  • Does this happen for you only under certain conditions, or always? And if the former, what are those conditions?
  • It happens always. But I have a standard list of default references and namespaces that I use for all existing and new queries. It's a total of about 25 references and 40 namespaces. Some of them are on network drives if that makes a difference as far as checking if files have changed.
  • I've started noticing this problem very recently (maybe after a recent update?). I also have a long list of namespaces and references, although all are local. The pause is about 5 seconds, which is quite frustrating.
  • same here on every context switch in and out of Linqpad
  • Is it a problem only when you have lots of queries open? If so, the beta that I've just uploaded should fix it. Otherwise, is there some info you can give me to reproduce?
  • I've noticed the same thing. In my experience it doesn't matter how many open queries you have or saved connections. The UI is slow when the explorer panel is visible and folder nodes are expanded in the My Queries list. If I hide explorer panels with SHIFT-F8 there is no delay.
  • Just to add to the existing comments, I to have this issue. We deal with some large databases and datasets. Sometimes to activate LinqPad from the task bar, it takes multiple clicks... other times I will have to wait to switch tabs even though no state has changed. This can be upwards of 5 seconds. I am using the Any CPU version on a 64bit machine with 16 gigs of ram. Other than this, it is beautiful! :)
  • Have you tried the latest beta? There's a possibility that a GDI fix that I added recently could help the problem.
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    I have the same problem except it's not only when receiving focus. When i have a complex query (i have about 30 lines) linqpad's intellisense takes too many time to popup and the application freezes for several seconds. This happens in the current stable version too. Please take a look at this.

    I guess this has something to do with autocomplete refreshing or something. I removed the license and now the slowness is gone completely.
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