How are tables sorted in Explorer Panel?

Tables in my Explorer Panel are "kinda" in alphabetical order, but not exactly, and refresh (SHIFT+ALT+D) does not re-sort them. Is there any way to force a re-sort? What determines the sort order now?

Here is a sample of how LinqPad sorts my tables:


  • I'm not sure what would cause that. Can you post the SQL schema to reproduce?

  • When you ask for the SQL schema, are you asking me to post the "CREATE TABLE" statements? We use a SQL Database project to produce the database, and the script for a new database ends up being 14,000 lines and owned by my employer. Can we narrow the scope of what you want me to share?

    I can tell you that the CREATE TABLE Users line occurs on line 2792 of the script whereas the CREATE TABLE ChangeMessages line occurs on line 2011.

  • Are you able to provide the minimum CREATE DATABASE / CREATE TABLE statements required to reproduce the problem?

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