LINQPad 5 Support beyond LINQPad 6

Do you plan to end-of-life LINQPad 5 when LINQPad 7 is released? I suppose LINQPad 5 will continue to run without new features or bug fixes as is if .NET Fx is installed.

It would be awesome if we could run LINQPad 5 files ( targeting .NET Fx ) inside LINQPad 6/7 if LINQPad 5 is installed without having to open them in LINQPad 5. The .NET drop down could include .NET Fx along side .NET core;5;6 etc. Or could we have a Send-To button to run a .linq file in another runtime, maybe configured in the preferences like the folders tab. I have LINQPad 6 programs that run code using LINQPad/LPRun 5, but it would be great if we could have it built-in somehow.



  • Right now, the plan is for LINQPad 7 to support .NET 3.1 -> .NET 6 (but not .NET Framework). Therefore, when LINQPad 7 is released, LINQPad 6 will EOL, but LINQPad 5 will remain active.

    It would be nice to have LINQPad 7 support .NET Framework, but it's impractical for a number of reasons.

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