LinqPad in linux with wine - nuget issue

I've installed LinqPad in wine on linux machine.
It launches, and can do all basic features: write and execute code samples, choose runtime, save snippets, turn on and off optimizations.
License activation also worked fine, and I have auto complete.

But when I try to add NuGet package, it crashes
The window "Report a bug" appears for two second and disappears. I clicked "Submit", but I'm not shure if it did.

My install:
Host: calculate Kernel: 5.10.53-calculate x86_64 bits: 64 Desktop: KDE Plasma 5.21.5 Distro: Calculate Linux Desktop 21 KDE
virtual/wine 0-r7
app-eselect/eselect-wine 1.2.2
app-emulation/wine-staging 6.15
app-emulation/winetricks 20210206
app-emulation/wine-mono 6.3.0
app-emulation/wine-desktop-common 20150204-r1
app-emulation/wine-gecko 2.47.2
LINQPad 6 (Premium Edition) v6.14.10 (X64)

Can anything be done with it ?
Having a LinqPad on my linux machine is great, as I use it as main computer for development. And even now it helps a lot, and I have workaround to install packages by editing .linqpad file, but that is a little less convenient, than using a dedicated master.
Installing packages works, only nuget UI cause crashes.


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