BadImageFormatException with CefSharp nuget

I'm trying to have a play with CefSharp but getting the BadImageFormatException when I run the script.
Whilst I suspect it has something to do with x86/64 assemblies, I cannot seem to resolve it and need some help.

My linqpad script is basic as, and following the CefSharp Minimal example
I'm not doing any initialisation, and the below call throws the exception.
_var browser = new ChromiumWebBrowser(testUrl); _
I'm loading the Offscreen.NETCore package

I've tried the following -
1. Linqpad 6 x64 - throws exception
2. Linqpad 6 x84 - throws exception
3. Linqpad 5 x86 (using the .NETFramework package) - FileNotFoundException -> CefSharp.Core
4. VS 2019 console app - AnyCPU or x64 targets - Both work

I even tried locating the x64 CefSharp dll's and copying them into the respective query directories, but no manner of hacking has produced....

Is this is x86/64 thing ? Or is it another issue manifesting itself as a BadImageFormatException ?
ideas ?
.linq file attached.


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