Weird message for F# expression.

I have just installed LinqPad 6
Host runtime version: 3.1.19
Default query runtime version: 5.0.10
Default query reference assembly version: 5.0.0
Roslyn Version: 3.9.0-6.21124.20
FSharp.Compiler.Service version:
NuGet client version:
Results rendering engine: Edge Chromium Engine 94.0.992.31

And I get error message from F# compiler:

requires language version 5.0, use /langversion:preview.

What am I missing?


  • This is the same error that you'll get in Visual Studio (unless you have enabled langversion:preview). The ^ end-slicing operator is not yet a standard part of F#.

    LINQPad has a checkbox in the preferences dialog for enabling preview features for C#. In the next build, I'll make this work for F#, too, so that you can use F# preview features if you wish.

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