Mapping PostgreSQL custom enum columns

I have a table that has a column of a custom enum type defined as follows:
CREATE TYPE mcat.model_applicability AS ENUM ('Project-specific', 'Local', 'Global', 'Miscellaneous');
and a table with a column of the above custom type:

CREATE TABLE IF NOT EXISTS mcat.model ( id bigint NOT NULL, applicability mcat.model_applicability NOT NULL, project_idp character varying(20) COLLATE pg_catalog."default", first_seen_utc_timestamp timestamp without time zone NOT NULL, model_metadata jsonb, CONSTRAINT model_pkey PRIMARY KEY (id) )

In LinqPad 6.14.10 with EF Core 5.0.7/Npgsql driver, the applicability column is not mapped onto a property in the auto-generated Model class, so it's not visible in the db connection visualization tree and not accessible programmatically via the ORM. Is there any way to expose columns of custom enum types when using EF with Npgsql in LinqPad?

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