Strange letters/encoding in code editor, Lingpad 6

In Linqpad 6 I have this very weird bug where all displayed text somehow changes encoding. The screenshot below shows an example.

If I copy the text from the editor it comes out as:

void Main()
var dts = new List<Dts> {

If I write code using standard letters, it is encoded on the fly:

The added line is
var str = "this is a text";

Hovering the cursor over the code shows the regular readable tooltip.

I'm not even sure what encoding that is. Closing and opening Linqpad solves the issue. I started the script with regular readable code. I am not constantly using Linqpad, so it is sometimes left for hours idling in RAM; however, I'm not sure I can recreate the problem.

Details from About:
v6.14.10 (X64)
Host runtime version: 3.1.20
Default query runtime version: 5.0.11
Default query reference assembly version: 5.0.0
Roslyn Version: 3.9.0-6.21124.20
FSharp.Compiler.Service version:
NuGet client version:
Results rendering engine: Edge Chromium Engine 95.0.1020.44


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