Need Nuget but no internet to d/l

Dear Joe
I am a user of linqpad 6 but don't have internet at home on the computer, I am using a public computer at a library! I need to use the examples with linqpad but frustrated due to nuget needing to download from the internet which of course fails. So is it possible to package up the nugets into a single package so that I can download from the public computer and take home? Then Ill be able to get full benefit of your samples.



  • You should be able to copy the NuGet cache folder in %userprofile%.nuget from a machine that has all the packages you need to a folder on a USB drive and then tell LINQPad to use that folder as a NuGet source.

    Click Settings from the NuGet package manager and add a source that points to that folder.

  • Thanks Joe for your response. However, my problem is That I'm using a PUBLIC computer at the library. I'm not allowed to install and run outside programs and also I'm not got administrator privileges. So I'm stuck.

  • I'm not sure that I understand. If you can't run outside programs, how do you run LINQPad?

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    @JoeAlbahari They have a web browser with internet at the library, but at their house, they have a computer with LinqPad, but they don't have internet.

    Here is a way to do it
    1. Go to https://www.nuget.org/packages and find a nuget you want, and click the "Download package" link
    2. Go to the dependencies tab. You may need to download nugets for your nugets (and so on). The ones you need will probably be under net5.0, or .Net Standard 2.1, but I'm not sure. If it doesn't look like microsoft made it, you probably need to download it.
    3. Take all your nuget packages home, and put them in a folder
    4. Add the folder to your package sources

    5. Switch it to local, and the nuget's in the folder should show up.

    6. Add the nuget, if you have all the nugets it needs, it should work. If it fails, you should see the name of a nuget you missed in step 2.

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